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Welcome to Persona

We believe that people deserve social care,

which improves their quality of life. We know

that it’s unique to every individual, so we tailor

our support to what matters to you.

We do this by....

Staying Well

Considering all areas of a person’s life and

providing signposting and advice where this

benefits health and wellbeing.

Whole Family

Seeing the person we support in the context

of their family and friends so that we can find

solutions which are inclusive and build on

natural support.


Supporting people to become as independent

as they can and to develop or regain skills

where these may have been lost.


Helping people live the life they choose rather

than fitting in to what is on offer.


Delivering quality services that people can trust.

Healthy Lifestyles

Encouraging active, healthy lifestyles, which

improve independence and enhance quality of life.

“Social care is a unique

opportunity to share in

someone’s life in a way that

makes a positive difference.”


Call: 0161 253 6000 Email: