We believe a brand isn’t just a logo, it is the nucleus of the business, displaying what the company symbloses and the level of excellence they aim to achieve. We understand the importance of drawing customers in through the aesthetics of your business, and strive to create a unique name and image to ensure your company has a significant presence within the industry.

If you’re developing a new brand or looking to freshen up you’re existing brand, Twelve can create all your branding requirements. Incorporating brand strategy, logo design, naming, identity and brand guidelines. Working together with our clients, we learn about your brand, vision, objectives and market, to help towards a professional yet personal finished product, that boasts the highest of standards as well as character and individuality. Once we have the understanding of how you want your brand to be portrayed, we will come up with various solutions and ideas to ensure that the company brand and finished business has been created around a meaningful concept that clearly incorporates how the brand needs to act feel and look, and what it stands for.


We have a vast knowledge in full print design and production and there is little to beat the feel of a well-designed piece of printed material. There are many considerations to take into account in producing printed literature, from the shape and size of the items, to the choice of paper stock and additional embellishments like lamination, foil blocking and embossing.

Different to digital media, a printed item can convey more information in greater detail and allows the customer to interact with the design, creating an immediate impact, a connection that can be very powerful and expressive. We can assist with all printed pieces covering brochures, booklets, stationery, flyers, posters, banners, signage and more.


Twelve strives to deliver unique websites that offer functional and engaging design with attractive originality, that also delivers an outstanding user experience. Offering the build and implementation of CMS sites using WordPress, e-commerce sites, responsive design, mobile sites and more, we can deliver a site for your digital marketing needs.

We work with established companies, to first time businesses and everything in-between, to provide a custom made package to suit your individual requirements. Working closely with you to design the layout and aesthetics of your website, we then create a design visual for you to review. Upon approval of the design, we set about creating a meticulously detailed and finished piece, that is guaranteed to complement and showcase your business beautifully.


Twelve hold the experience, strong understanding and capability needed to excel in using a various range of graphic design disciplines. From the colours we use, to the fonts we choose, each design boasts individuality and superiority and a strong purpose and objective. Think of us for branding, identity, logo design, websites, print, marketing literature, packaging or any other project you require creative problem solving solution.

We have a vast knowledge of printing techniques and have experience with designs, including; end-to-end production of signage, packaging, point of sale and event material, as well as working with a wide range of styles and approaches, to ensure that your wishes and requirements are always met. Our close attention to detail, proficiency of new and emerging web and graphic designs and a clear perception of the function and purpose of the design piece, and target market are just some of the basic features used here at twelve creative.